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All of the websites below are by, for, or about Andrew Jon Thomson and the various projects he has created, thanks to copious help from his friends and cohorts.

Saddle Pals of the Western Frontier,
Andrew's western harmony cowboy band with John Ennis (from Mr. Show, Malcolm in the Middle, and Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 (new on NBC))

Saddle Pals of the Western Frontier on MySpace
The official myspace page of the Pals. We like friends, so request and we will add!

The Making of Invasion of the Freedom Snatchers
Andrew's all star mocumentary comedy movie/ tv series (in post-production)

UCSP: The University of San Pano California 
My Alma Mater Satura Parodyca,  located in sunny San Pano, California, home of the University of San Pano, California, home of the state champion intramural college Womens Lawn Darts team, the San Pano Lady Brine Shrimp, and the Mens Table Soccer (Foosball) #1 losingest team in tournaments state wide the UCSP Sea Monkeys.    Go Fighting Sea Monkeys!   UCSP is a real actual factual University of Educational Didacticism and also Learning of Knowledge of Ideas of Facts and Information which is not a joke or prank but really does exist, really.  ( : Welcome to all tuition paying registered students in good standing, or sitting, and warning to alumni and non students and students who have not paid their tuition fees in full,  do not click this link, whatever you do.  Seriously,  don't click it!   I'm not kidding around here people!   No clicking!!!  Fingers away from the mice, or mouses whichever you use.........   Hey!  I saw that!  Just get up and slowly back away from the computer.  STUDENTS ONLY, ALL OTHERS SHALT BE PERSECUTED! ; )

The Freedom Cinema and Arts Festival
A series of events celebrating and showcasing activist arts and media, celebrating freedom, peace, justice, equality and democracy. Founded by Andrew Jon Thomson

Andrew's solo music on MySpace
MySpace page for Andrew and the all-Andrew Multitrack Band and now new rough mixes of the All Star Superband

"23" on myspace
Andrew Thomson's early 1990's band "23", featuring Victor Damiani (bass), Todd Roper (drums) and occasionally Greg Brown (lead guitar) who all played together in the bands Saturday's Child and most famously Cake (on their biggest hit cd's) before forming their current band Deathray. The core members of the band included Brian Charamuga, Todd Roper, Mark Pollack, and Marshall Greenup

Andrew Jon Thomson on the IMDB
The Internet Movie Database incomplete record of Andrew's Movie work

Christine the Teenage Witch .com
Ye Olde Blogge wherein you may find a collection of candidate for cash Christine O'Donnell along with amusing and insightful commentary and analysis.  Plenty of hilarious but all too real video clips!

Access For People .com
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