"Sounds like you've got the right players on there! But seriously though, that sounds good, man, real good!"
- Taj Majal

"..Beautiful. (Andrew has) writen some really great songs. Just beautiful."
-Michael Franti (of Spearhead)

"Andrew('s) music has the power to make people feel. The songs are moving and inspiring"
-Julia "Butterfly" Hill (2 year tree sitter and global activist)

"...Doing great work. It's good to know that there's still more of us in each generation."
-Bruce "U. Utah" Phillips

"Keep up the good work, kid. Are you sure we're not related?"
-Arlo Guthrie

"In my entire musical career I have never collaborated on such a large scale with a single artist except for my 36 years working with David Bowie. Besides the large number of songs we've worked on together, there are other similarities between (Andrew Jon Thomson) and Bowie, in that both artists approach songwriting as composers, blending many different styles and approaches to create unique musical pieces that defy genre categories, that are theatrical and cinematic in breadth and scope and with lyrics that are both meaningful and poetic.
Most producers and artists want me to play some preconceived thing they have in mind, which seems to me to be a waste of my musicianship. A very few, particularly David Bowie and Andrew Thomson have the trust in me to allow me the freedom to play what I hear and feel for each piece, to play deeply and truthfully what the music suggests or inspires, which makes these pieces much richer and more interesting than standard session work, which I prefer not to do.
Working on these songs I have been moved to tears and laughter, and gained knowledge of many different subjects from the lyrics.
Beautiful and unique melodies and inventive chord progressions. This music reminds me of my youth playing soul and gospel in the 60's, but it also allows me to explore the avant garde as well. (Andrew's) music is unlimited and truly free, every song coming fearlessly and completely from the heart. ."
-Mike Garson, pianist

"These songs are as good as any we've played on in all these years. I love the many different styles, the way that (Andrew uses) whatever style of composition and singing voice that fits the song... It's really great to collaborate with (Andrew) on these great songs...."The Song" is a masterpiece."
-Wayne Jackson, co-founder and leader of the legendary Memphis Horns

"Damn Andrew, you never told me you were a punk-ass rapper! Your music is awesome! It's like a protest action you can dance to!"
- John Sellers co-founder of the Ruckus Society (nonviolent protest training and support group.)

"I am truly impressed. This is an impressive body of work, with so many really great songs. Even in the rough demos I can hear the top notch songwriting, and great production ideas being realized."
-Elliot Randall legendary guitarist from Steely Dan (reelin in the years for example) the Doobie Brothers etc.

"I enjoy working on (Andrew's) songs, they are challenging and really fun to play."
- Dweezil Zappa

"Intriguing. Very interesting stuff, if a bit primitive."
-Colin Moulding of XTC

"This is incredible! I love this guy! You have to hear this, it sounds like it's 1966 all over again!"
- Fat Dawg, legendary proprietor of Subway Guitars in Berkeley, CA