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RIP Wille Mitchell Andrew and Ian at Royal Studios in Memphis 

 Took a while to get this done and posted,  a memorial slideshow for Willie Mitchell, father of Memphis funky soul music.   The slideshow depicts co-producer Ian Berzon and me, Andrew Thomson, exploring and trying out the facilities at Royal Studio in Memphis, musical home of everyone from Al Greene to the Rolling Stones.   We were planning a recording project with Willie and his sons Boo and Archie Mitchell, but sadly due to Willie's untimely death last year he could not work on it with us.

We treasure our time with him, during which he was tremendously hospitable, inspiring and kind to two strange kids from California.  The soundtrack to this slideshow is "The Great Pacific Northwest Forest"  a Memphis soul inspired song that he liked, though he said "We've got to get you a better guitar!" as you will see.   Note that they are still making great records

Farewell Les Paul 

Farewell to the man credited with inventing the electric guitar and multi tracking.
One thing's for sure, he invented his own style of music and no one has ever duplicated it. 

Congratulations USA! 

 This is a very unusual entry for me.
I was initially very cynical about the choices presented to voters in this election, but as the day drew closer I saw one campaign doing something I had never seen before in American politics:  talking to us like adults.  They made it clear from the slogans to the volunteer and internet organizing efforts that the people are the true source of power and change.

Whatever the reasons we all have reason to celebrate today.   The people are just a little bit more sophisticated, more mature and smarter than many of us believed, and perhaps we are moving towards being just a little bit less racist, though there is plenty of distance to go.

And unlike the previous administration, who isolated themselves from the voices of the people, the new incoming one is asking us from the beginning to share our visions for a new America.

The link to send in your ideas and dreams for change is here.

Please consider writing in your thoughts to the new administration, your hopes and dreams to our new President elect.   In whatever areas you agree or disagree with his stated policies so far, please let him know.  This new team is asking for our input and we must give it.   It is not the president who determines the nature of our society, it is the people and we must always provide the public pressure that politicians need to support them in finding the courage to do what is right.

here is the letter I just wrote to our incoming President Barack Obama 

My vision for this country has been greatly uplifted by the awesome power of the grassroots movement led by the youth of America to finally bring to the White House a statesman, a scholar, a civil rights attorney, a community organizer and a president who put the people first in his campaign for the first time in our history. To me this is just as historic as the long overdue breaking of the glass ceiling in Washington politics for African Americans, also a very moving moment. This historic moment is moving all Americans, even on the right to embrace our new beloved President... (I weep with joy as I write these words without irony for the first time in my life) and there has never been a more opportune moment to enact our greatest and most democratic aspirations. The time is now for a green new deal and our new president elect has promised this. It should be done with the fearless ambition of FDR and no delay can be countenanced. This is the will of the vast majority of the people of the United States and the world. The time is now to declare a new peace agenda for the United States and our President elect has done that. But we must apply the same logic to all corners of the world, not just to the unpopular wars. We cannot achieve peace by trading one war for another. The universal health care agenda must move forward and I hope and trust that the people will push for an even more bold approach than the admirable and progressive one proposed by the new incoming administration. Health care is a right, and our country will be so much stronger when our people are healthier and stronger. One of the most grave crimes of the previous administration was the violation of the constitutional rights and fundamental human rights of people at home and abroad, what ultimately must be judged as the trampling of the dignity and rights of all people, as we were asked to silently endorse kidnapping, murder, and the most extreme and outrageous forms of torture seen in modern times. This new vision of America must stand as a beacon against torture and for human and civil rights. The first step must be the restoration of our own constitution, because our bill of rights is the core of our value as a nation claiming a special destiny in the world. Ultimately this vision for a new America must include returning the power to the people, and giving up much of the new executive power seized illegally and immorally by the previous administration. I believe most of us will be sympathetic if this is the final priority of this new administration rather than the first priority, but this too cannot be forgotten. As vital as it is for our new President to make bold and fearless fundamental change in our system and national policy, in the end he must also surrender back some of the power of the executive branch seized by his predecessor. This final step will be difficult, but we must become the change we wish to see in the world, and the fragile flower of democracy must be watered by the hundreds of millions of raindrops of re-empowered citizens if it is to grow. America and the world rejoices in this moment. This is not the time to become timid. It is inspiring to see the calm, measured rational approach to governing take hold, and we all hope and pray it will be matched by a bold realization of the dreams that lit our way to this victory. Dreams of a more open, more peaceful, more ecologically intelligent, more healthy, more efficient, more fair and more just United States of America

Victor Indrizzo with Macy Gray live 

For those who don't have the dvd Macy Gray live in Vegas, you should all run out and buy it right now, and this video sample from you tube shows why. It's a wonderful and passionate shnow with a great band including our very own Victor Indrizzo on drums as he is on most of her albums. One interesting point of note is that as well as drumming with Macy Gray for many years, Victor also wrote and co wrote many of her songs. Check your liner notes for more details, but htis guy is an amazing all around musician and songwriter and we are lucky to have him playing on an album's worth of songs in the new INternational Superband assembled to record the Hello Andrew greatest unreleased hits record album series.

Tabla Maestro Tanmoy Bose interviews Pete Lockett 

Here's a joyous thing: a half hour of enlightening interview from Indian TV of the amazing Pete Lockett and Tanmoy Bose. Sit back and enjoy or click through to watch it full screen.

Why this is the greatest band in the world. 

As further proof that I am working with one of the greatest bands ever assembled, here is an educational and funny video about the making of the Steely Dan track "Peg" from their acclaimed pinnacle album "Aja", infamous in the world of studio musicians for the extreme attention to detail and perfectionism that led to many top players being brought in to try the same parts and few of their performances making it onto the record. In this environment, (listen for a funny moment as Becker and Fagen estimate how many guitar players they tried out for the solo, "3,4,5,6,8...") In this environment, one musician dared to disobey the Dan and play a little slap bass, and yet the part is still on the record and now the studio songsmiths seem to love it. Has anyone else done this? I doubt it. It could only be my new bass player, the most recorded and influential bass player in history the legendary Chuck Rainey.

New Addition 

The latest addition to the Superband is Dweezil Zappa, on a short break from his second Zappa Plays Zappa tour, playing exciting new versions of Frank Zappa songs to thrilled audiences. Here he is on a Youtube posted video playing Dirty Love with former Frank Zappa guitarists Steve Vai and Mike Keneally. Guitar solo lovers rejoice! this embedded video is actually posted on Youtube at

Miike Garson video with Bowie 

Hello! Here's another great video of a member of my International Super Band, Mike Garson, on piano, performing with his long time collaborator, David Bowie. Even if this is not one of your favorite Bowie songs (maybe you should listen harder) don't miss the beautiful solo meditation by Mike at the halfway point. Enjoy!

Elliott Randall Video 

Hello Everybody! Your video for today is an amazing performance by the legendary Elliott Randall, (Steely Dan {Reelin' in the Years etc.}, Doobie Brothers, Blues Brothers) who recently joined the roster for the International Super Band. A spectacular and continuously inventive guitar player and a wonderful brilliant human being. Here he is in concert with some other famous and great players, as listed on Youtube: Elliott Randall and Friends recorded LIVE! Featuring Darrell Nutt on drums, Cliff Williams (AC/DC) on bass, Danny Shepard on guitar, Steve McDougal on keys, and Paul Fleisher on sax. Enjoy and rock out!